Supreme Goods

Supreme just re-upped their website again with an array of sick items including t-shirts, jackets, New Era caps and more. Cop the new hotness. Image: Supreme Info: Hypebeast Advertisements

New Art from Shepard Fairey

SHEPARD FAIREY has just unveiled his largest and most masterful piece of art to date: an 8 x 10 foot canvas set to make its debut at the notorious Art Basel fair in… Continue reading


NIGOLDENEYE will be airing on MTV Flux (Japan). It documents Nigo’s successes in the world of fashion, music, and pretty much anything else he chooses to pursue. Narrated by Nigo himself, the title… Continue reading

Fruition Interview on Cliquenmove

Check out the new insightful FRUITION interview on CLIQUENMOVE. Chris Julian speaks on spearheading the new movement in streetwear as well as dropping some gems on his personal favorite brands/style icons. A definite… Continue reading

Lupe Live

As reported by – Lupe will be playing the official Zune Launch Party TOMORROW in the CHI – Monday (11/13) @ 4:30pm CST @ 401 N. Michigan Ave. Tickets are free to… Continue reading

Think of an iPod, now think of an ipod that can beam music wirelessly to other iPods within a 30 ft. radius, and you’ve got the Zune. It’s based on windows software, but… Continue reading

Cartel Goods Re-UP

Cartel just restocked. I can’t even begin to tell you how many fresh pieces are on the site. Just go there… Image/Info: High Snobiety

KarmaLoop Kazbah

                 KarmaLoop Kazbah just posted more freshness (including that dope “Cosby” jump-off with the swirls (yes they have it in a hoodie too)). Kazbah allows independent underground labels to push their wares… Continue reading

Swear Buckle Boot/Sneaker

The latest from the UK boys at Swear. An exclusive made for It has an inner sock design, and pointed toe for the dapper couture crowd. Think of it as a grown… Continue reading

Nike Leopard Court Force Low

Most definitely Vans inspired, but I can’t hate on them for it. These are some of the dopest joints to grace the shoe game (in my opinion of course). image: Bothanspynet @ Slam… Continue reading