Apple Will Move Mac Production to the US in 2013

Tim Cook has confirmed that production of one of the existing Mac lines will move to the US, wholesale, in 2013. The news has made it on to Bloomberg Business week, and will… Continue reading

Haunted Heart by Little Hurricane

This is a great example of how using the right song (w/the right demographic) in an ad spot can generate a response. “Haunted Heart” by American Rock/Dirty blues band Little Hurricane, has made… Continue reading

A Bionic Future: Exo-Skeletons

The promise of what the future will bring always makes me incredibly hopeful. I know that technology will shape our future in exciting ways that few people can imagine, but I think about… Continue reading

Pepsi MAX & Kyrie Irving Present: “Uncle Drew: Chapter 2”

Coinciding with the tip-off of the NBA season, Kyrie Irving has dusted off his elderly alter ego “Uncle Drew” with an assist from Kevin Love and Bill Russell. Presented by Pepsi MAX, the… Continue reading

Talib Kweli Talks Brooklyn’s Gentrification & Food w/Anthony Bourdain

For the final season of Anthony Bourdain‘s much loved “No Reservations,” the former chef turned author and TV host made sure to stop by the New York’s most populous borough, Brooklyn. Sitting down with… Continue reading

Disney Buys ‘Stars Wars,’ Plans New Film in 2015

Disney has bought Lucasfilm Ltd. from filmmaker George Lucas for $4.05 billion and is planning another trilogy in the Star Wars saga, The Associated Press reports. The next film is due in 2015,… Continue reading

Das Racist – ‘Girl’

From their 2011 LP Relax, alternative hip-hop trio Das Racist has released the visual accompaniment to the catchy track “Girls.” Conceiving of the storyline in the twisted manner that has become their signature,… Continue reading

Damien Hirst’s ‘Verity’ Statue Makes Waves in the UK

Never one to shy away from controversy, British artist Damien Hirst recently erected Verity, a 20-meter-tall bronze statue near the North Devon town of Ilfracombe. After receiving 100 letters of objection and 177 letters… Continue reading

The new entertainment experience from Xbox

The newly updated features on XBOX Live are quickly becoming my favorite smart apps for a creative on the go. Being able to push media to and from just about any smart device… Continue reading

Nike Parts Ways with Lance Armstrong

After standing by Lance Armstrong’s side amidst countless doping allegations, further accusations have led Nike to cut all ties with the cyclist. Armstrong announced today that he would also be stepping down as… Continue reading